about ink and scribbles

As an artist I found my self with an unquechable thirst for wanting to know more. As I surfed the net I found a little bit of this and a little bit of that. So Ink and Scribbles is a mashup of all that good stuff. Podcast, photography, design and gear. This makes our focus simple. We are here to discuss and celebrate great art, design and photography, with inspiring artists and creative thinkers. We hope to interview creatives around the world and discuss the challenges and triumphs of living a creative life. We’ll talk to artists who work daily to marry art and commerce. We’ll ask and seek answers to  questions about marketing and branding and the social significance of their work. We’ll post relative content to assist in the growth of all artists. We’ll nurture new talent and provide a stage and forum to discus and admire their talents.  So we welcome you to join us as we grow this concept. We hope  to inspire your creative process and outlook. So please don’t hesitate to contribute to the conversation. Ideas and suggestions are encouraged.